Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The bus ride from Volgograd to Rostov on Don

While bus rides might seem boring to many,this one deserved some special mention from me because I had my first freaky encounter on this bus.There is always plenty of space for first times isn't it!

After Marina and I parted ways at the bus station at Volgograd, I got on the bus,relieved that I was finally on my way to Rostov.I didn't sleep much at the train station the night before and needed some rest.The trip will take almost 10hours which means that I had an hour or 2 to still go to downtown Rostov to check it out.

In bus trips like these, there are normally 2 bus drivers.There was a 40+year old driver and a  50+year old driver.It was a 40person bus.The bus departed from Volgograd and I was the only passenger on it.It was totally weird.For the next 2 hours , the bus drove into smaller villages to pick up passengers but no one got on.

the 50+ year old bus driver came up to me and chatted.He was curious to find out where I was from and what I was doing alone.Was I married?What am I going to do in Rostov.And the question of sex came up.I wasn't fluent in speaking Russian and he knew that I only took classes for about 6-7 months.I pretended not to understand what he was saying once that question came up and thinking that I was clueless , he went on to explain what sex was....,"When a man love a woman...." and went on to put his hand on my thigh.He started giving suggestions as to what I could do in Rostov.Join them at a hotel.

Pushing his hand away , a series of pissed off looks and "нет" (no) ensued.He returned back to the front of the bus to join his fellow driver and talk about this asian girl sitting in the middle of the bus.( Guide books always tell you to sit in front.Well, if you have bus drivers like this , make sure you sit somewhere in the middle where there is a good buffer from harrassment.)

I looked out of the bus.Road and grass plains.I was in the middle of nowhere.I could have been raped and thrown out on the grass plains of southern Russia.Of course that is just my wild imagination.Bus drivers will not risk that.Jobs are hard to come by and they will lose their job if they do something stupid.
Harrassment is just a small thing which I've started to learn how to handle.But it was disgusting that he was in his 50ties and he was making such suggestions to a person he knew that was only 23. What a pedophile!

Another hour of driving into villages to pick up passengers and the bus started filling up.An hour or 2 before reaching Volgograd, the bus was completely packed with people.

By 4pm, I reached Rostov on Don.Scurrying out of the bus , i hurried towards the train station and got my luggage stored at the luggage storage and found a bus to bring me downtown to check out the city when it was still bright.

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