Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rostov on Don

It was about 5pm when I got to downtown Rostov on Don after the 10 hour bus ride from Volgograd.
I had a 3am train to catch from Rostov to Kharkov ,Eastern Ukraine the next morning.This leaves me with more than 6 hours in the city.But i wasn't keen on walking around the city when it got dark.Asking for buses to get to the city, I wasn't looking to see any attraction in particular.Perhaps some food to last me the night.

Downtown rostov looks like just another city .Nice cafe , shops and neat sidewalks.Young people were walking to the parks for their dates.As night descended , I returned back to the train station , surfing the net and pricking myself to stay awake to catch my train.

Trains in Russia do not wait for passengers.They leave on time and I was not keen on missing another train!The militsa came around to scream at people lying on the benches."If you want to lie down and sleep , go to the hotels!"

Leaning on my backpack for support ,nodding off and jolting up ,checking my watch, I just couldn't wait to get to the Ukraine.

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  1. Hi, I was actually reading your post on Festival of the North in Murmansk on another of your blogs, but couldn't leave comments there... So here I am. I am planning a DIY trip to Murmansk next April, and would like your advice on how best to experience it as a non-Russian speaker/reader. The only information I can find so far is one paragraph in Lonely Planet and a tour by Kola Travel. How should I participate as a spectator? Just show up? Any... race-watching etiquette etc? Hope you are still actively checking whichever email inbox this goes to... Hope to hear from you soon!