Saturday, February 13, 2010

Russian Republic : Cheboksary

Another city which looks like it was built from scratch.As we were walking around the city.A friendly dedushka came to talk to us.He volunteered to bring us around the city and along the way bragged about his riches and daughter.Whether it was the truth he was saying , we will not dispute it.But his actions touched me.

Not only did he spend his morning showing us around the city aka we did not get lost , he even discouraged Galya from smoking.A complete stranger!Isn't that sweet!He even made recommendations to us to try the locally made ice cream!

He even took us back to the bus station , helped us with buying the bus tickets and even waited for the bus to leave , waving goodbye to us.

Russian hospitality :)

Our train ride back to Moscow was from Yoshka Ola.Luck ran into us again .The whole Russian Wrestling national team was in the same train compartment as us.It isn't everyday where you get to see that !

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