Thursday, February 11, 2010

Golden Ring City : Suzdal

After Victory Day on 9th May , We decided that Suzdal was still on the books , but spending some time in vladimir will be out.

We left the obshezhiteye at 6am in the catch the 7am bus.
At the bus station , the time of departure was listed as 740am.But on our ticket ,it said 7am.Well, the bus left at 7am the 740am timing was misleading.

Buses do pass by Vladimir on the way to Suzdal.It took approx 5-6 hours before arriving in Suzdal.Beautiful village with too many churches.Nothing in particular that was really fancy but there were just so Many!
Wonderful handicrafts here.If wooden bookmarks are your ideal souvenir, this will be the place to buy them because they are pretty non existant , ugly and expensive in Moscow.

there was hardly any cafes in sight.And 1 atm in the whole village

The bus ride back was a horror.The bus directly back to Moscow was full.So we ended up going to Vladimir and pray that there will be a bus from there.Arriving in vladimir , buying the ticket came to a problem.The bus ticket seller didn't say nyet or da.( signalling a no or yes) but went on about something else which Therese and I didn't understand.A russian in her 40ties was supposedly going to Moscow too.She told us to wait and tried to explain the issue but none of us understood either.

Well, lady luck shone on us ,a girl in her 20ties came up to help and explained to us the situation in english.Bus to Moscow is late so the ticket seller doesn't know if the bus will even come.So we should wait.If the bus comes, we can buy a ticket.If it doesn't , the train station is next to the bus station.The train tickets are more expensive.

The bus did come eventually and we got our ticket , but when we walked out and saw the bus....our jaws dropped.That was the same bus that left Suzdal full.People alighted from that bus and went their separate ways.....
Why can't the bus ticket seller in Suzdal just put people taking the Suzdal - Vladimir route on one bus instead of the Suzdal - Vladimir - Moscow bus?

Night traffic was bad and we ended up in Moscow at 12am.Long day it was.
But the prettiest village it definately was.

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