Monday, February 8, 2010

Siberia 9th Stop : Omsk


On our homebound journey back to Moscow , Omsk was the next stop.We were able to get a couchsurfing host,Tanya in this city!Our very first CS experience.

Her friend( Let's call her A) picked us up from the station and brought us back to Tanya's apartment where Dima ,a temporary flatmate insisted that we sit down and have some tea.We were pretty anxious to just head to the city thinking that we didn't have much time .but they were insistent on us sitting down for awhile and drink chai ( a striking similarity among many older russians we've

A is a beautician,had some problems with love and spoke only russian.We did have problems understanding her, but she was still really nice to walk us through the city.

We met Tanya and her son that night.That was when interesting conversations started , about her life , russia and travelling.
Her son AT , although intimidated to have 3 females as guests ,still stayed up late and refused to go to sleep because he insisted that he won't get to see us anymore tomorrow.He skipped school the next day , to say goodbye to us and play computer games,and show us some of his drawings.Very cute....

Visiting a nearby market was on our agenda.what was really annoying at these markets is that
1.they don't give plastic bags
2.If they did , they were so thin, it tears within 10 minutes

And they were quite a few stores selling better quality plastic bags.These were the same plastic bags we will get free of charge with purchases when we go shopping in Singapore( Takashimaya etc).And we were suppose to pay for them here.A higher price was charged if the plastic bag had a brand on it.If you don't bring your own bag, you don't really have a choice but to buy a plastic bag to avoid the risk of your stuff falling all over the place on the way back.

Before we left , Dima came up to me and asked me to write a few words for him in chinese.I ended up giving him my russian-chinese phrasebook that i bought in Ulan Ude.A very kind man that i won't forget either.
It was amazing that not only did our host arrange for someone to meet us and bring us around the city, she also prepared dinner for us , gave us a place to stay and shower and even gave us parting gifts!

It made me look forward to another CS experience!

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