Saturday, February 13, 2010

Golden Ring City : Sergiev Posad

After the first trip to Spetersburg in March , the next destination was a golden ring city. Sergiev Posad.With Therese ,Sebastian and the Bulgarians (Galya,Anna & Yordan) , we took an Electrichka to this small city.

Get round trip student tickets at the local electrichka train station.

Although , snow does make churches look magical ,it was cold and there was snow droplets all over the photos.Stepping out of the train station , the blue domes of the church came into view.Just walk in the direction of the church and you will be enjoying the russian wooden houses and come to a viewing point.

This church is of particular importance for the body of saint sergiev lie there , waiting to be kissed by the millions of worshippers who flood over to see him. Most of the cathedrals are closed to the public.

Our only complaint was that there was only one salesgirl at the souvenir shop with a few helpers in the shop standing around idle.The icons here are cheap!Buy something here!

The Toy Museum is a short distance away show casing old toys from all around the world collected by rich russians.It would have been more interesting if all the toys were old russian toys.

And keep the train tickets.You will need them to exit the train station on the way back!

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