Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Siberia 11th Stop : Nizhy Novgorod

Nizhy Novogorod aka Gorky

Though the group of us loved travelling.The 3 weeks of nomadic life was taking a toll on us and the thought of being back in Moscow was indeed appealing.I was looking forward to a weekend of lazing in bed instead of sleeping on trains with no showers and carrying heavy backpacks.

Though tired , we went ahead with our plan to check out the city.When lonely planet says take Bus 1 to the city center , it means just take Bus 1.
We couldn't find a bus 1 at the nearest bus stop , so we assumed that information given was outdated.Turns out that we overlooked the fact that there was another bus stop around the corner.

We decided to just hop onto a bus and just hope that it brings just a few stops closer to the city centre.Throughout the trip , we have been hoping onto buses, taking trips to nowhere to have a view of the city center and a little of the neighbourhoods.This time ,unfortunately got onto a bus take took us a tad too far into the neighbourhoods.Minor hiccup, but we had plenty of time to kill anyway.

the Kremlin was an absolute letdown.Having being wowed by so many kremlins along our journey , this one was boring.Nothing spectacular about the architecture.But there was something that caught our interest.A group of young russian men in the army taking photos with military tanks and displays in the krelim.Therese and I tagged along like excited schoolgirls trying to take a good photos of all of them.Something cool to add to our photo collections.They apparently understood why these 2 girls were hanging around nearby taking photos.Especially after they stayed in their pose while we made haste to take photos of them too.

There was a pretty unusual baroque church in N.Novgorod which looked like a lollipop,Stroganov Church.To many , it looked just like St Basil in Moscow or the Church of Spilt blood in SPetersburg.But this was different.Instead of the swirls ,it was fish scales.

The city center was similar to Kazan, european pedestrainized shopping areas.There was a flea market selling soviet badges and stamps etc.People watching along the main street of Nizhy was a pleasure, so was the Austrian Apple strudel that came with it.The Russians have a different sense of dressing.A mix between european and asian , which you can't quite place a definition on.Bright colours are a hit in summer times and the high heels are there to stay.But as we moved away from the two main cities of russia , loud colours on clothings were a common sight.Though different , but most of the time , we cringed.

As we head back to get onto the last train back to Moscow , it struck all of us that classes start again the next day at 9am.3 hours after we reach the train station in Moscow.

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